Hot sauce specialist Frank’s RedHot has upped its condiment game with two new product lines.

The Dip’n Sauce line features three milder flavors packaged in convenient 12-ounce inverted grip bottles. The thicker, dippable cousin to regular hot sauce will cling to food. They are ideal for dipping, dunking or spreading on sandwiches.

The second new line, Squeeze Sauce, features three varieties, each in a 12-ounce flexible plastic bottle that is easy-to-squeeze with a pointed nozzle, ensuring a smooth, controlled drizzle that adds a touch of heat and flavor to your favorite foods.

“The new Frank’s Dip’n and Squeeze Sauces let fans add the perfect balance of flavor and heat in a new way by dipping or drizzling as much as they want on any food,” said Valda Coryat, North America vice president of marketing for McCormick, owner of the Frank’s RedHot brand. “Not only are consumers experimenting with different hot sauce flavors, they’re adding it on a wider variety of foods from pizza to noodles. More Frank’s flavors means more versatility, and more ways for consumers to create their own unique signature combinations throughout the year.”

The Dip’n Sauce line

Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Ranch Dip’n Sauce

Blends spicy Frank’s RedHot Buffalo sauce flavor with the creamy, cooling taste of Ranch dressing.

Frank’s RedHot Roasted Garlic Dip’n Sauce

Blends the spicy cayenne heat of Frank’s RedHot with a punch of garlic.

Frank’s RedHot Golden Dip’n Sauce

Starts off sweet and tangy and finishes with the spicy heat of Frank’s RedHot cayenne pepper.

The Squeeze Sauce line

Frank’s RedHot Sriracha Squeeze Sauce

Blends the heat of Sriracha with the Frank’s RedHot sauce flavor you love for a spicy and savory experience in every bite.

Frank’s RedHot Hot Honey Squeeze Sauce

Blends spicy Frank’s RedHot flavor with honey for a sweet heat that kicks everything up a notch, from pizza to dessert.

Frank’s RedHot Creamy Buffalo Squeeze Sauce

Delivers the mild heat of Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Sauce, but with a creamier overall texture perfect for drizzling.

This article is an excerpt from the June 2024 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Condiments feature and more in the digital edition here.