WESTON, FLA. — According to Thx!, most retailers and consumers want to ‘do good,’ and the company’s research has found that consumers prefer to shop at retail stores with ethical practices, especially when the efforts do not cost the consumers more on their end.

“The growth in niche markets that cater to sustainability and social impact goals is on the rise, and research proves that shoppers are becoming more sensitive to retailers who are tackling issues addressing social inequalities,” Thx! said. “The Thx! mission helps satisfy retailers’ sustainability goals and equity initiatives creating a win/win in the fresh industry supply chain. Offering the Thx! label on produce items integrates a turn-key social responsibility initiative into many retailers’ diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) objectives and amplifies their brand awareness.”

Thx! said its products — including Kiwi Kings from FruVeg, SunFed bell peppers, Classic Harvest citrus, and more — are available in major retailer stores such as Southeastern Grocers, Sam’s Club, and Walmart.

“We are thrilled to join forces with such great brands and pave the way towards better lives for their farmworkers,” said Martin Casanova, chief dream maker and co-founder at Thx!

Shoppers can scan the QR code on each Thx! product label to watch a short video about the farmers who grew that very product. At Sam’s alone, Thx! QR codes have had more than 40,000 scans in less than two months, Thx! said.

“Our program helps fresh produce brands demonstrate their commitment to farmworkers by putting a human face and honest stories to corporate sustainability programs,” said Raul Fernandez, co-founder and chief imagination officer.

“The Thx! brand’s purpose is to help farmworkers achieve specific dreams while enhancing their dignity as individuals, offering respect for a job often unrecognized and overlooked,” Thx! said. “The results are plentiful and unmistakable for produce companies, retailers and shoppers: Increasing the company’s workplace and company morale, creating positive associations with shoppers who are searching for retailers that align with their values, and helping farmworkers achieve dreams previously out of reach. Plus, shoppers also feel an authentic connection to farmworkers, exercising a chance to give back. They are emailing Thx! with enthusiasm for the program and asking how else they can contribute to helping these endearing farmworkers.”