SALINAS, CALIF. — Supply chain technology specialists ThroughPut.AI and Inteligistics are putting their strengths together to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency of fresh food supply chain operations.

“The benefits of moving data off manual documents and into digital format should be clear to anyone familiar with technology and automation,” the organizations said. “The exciting part is learning what AI can do with this data.”

The partnership aims to address and offer solutions to inefficient systems across categories including harvest and pre-cooling; packing and shipping; in-transit visibility; temperature monitoring; route optimization; dwell time; shipment unloading and storage; mis-picked product and resulting inventory inaccuracies; and FSMA 204 compliance tracking.

According to the companies, addressing inefficiencies will improve profit margins, customer service, sales, brand reputation, quality, shelf-life, food safety and overall operations.

“We’re delighted to partner with Inteligistics as we look to expand our capabilities for our clients in the critical Food and Agriculture industry,” said Seth Page, COO and head of strategic partnerships of ThroughPut Inc. “Food and AG supply chain networks cater to long-suffering perishable goods with siloed data systems and dated supply chain operations due to the inherent challenges of short shelf-life and large fluctuations in demand. Their older siloed legacy solutions of yesteryear don’t address today’s complex and volatile supply chain challenges. By partnering with Inteligistics, we can stitch together and optimize the huge amounts of existing disparate data with Industrial-grade AI for better results.”

“Our partnership with ThroughPut.AI will empower members of the agricultural industry to leverage data for timely, intelligent decision-making resulting from unparalleled visibility at each leg of the supply chain and accompanying analytics required to make better decisions,” said Rao Mandava, CEO and chairman at Inteligistics. “We are in a new era that can provide never-seen-before capabilities to address problems of the past and fortify ourselves from problems in the future. With our combined capabilities, our customers will immediately see the benefits of how we can usher them into this new era.”