With their latest collaboration, Emerald Packaging and D’Arrigo California have raised the bar on produce packaging sustainability for commissaries, retailers and other channels.

Emerald has created a post-consumer recycled (PCR) bag for D’Arrigo’s premiere romaine hearts products. The bag will be available in all grocers that carry the company’s famous Andy Boy brand romaine hearts across North America.

The bag is made of 30% PCR plastic, helping D’Arrigo California and Emerald Packaging reduce the need for virgin plastic production, taking a step towards a more circular economy, according to the companies.

The use of PCR reduces plastic pollution by diverting waste material from landfill, which could also end up in the ocean.

“Expanding the use of post-consumer recycled packaging in food packaging is a big leap forward in sustainable plastics,” said Kevin Kelly, chief executive officer of Emerald Packaging. “It’s an exciting time as we take critical steps towards achieving sustainability while doing so affordably.”