LA FARGE, WIS. – As Organic Valley celebrates National Dairy Month, the farmer-owned cooperative revealed its membership is expected to grow by more than 100 small organic family farms in 2024.

The company shared it already welcomed 50 new farms during the first four months of 2024, and it expects to further expand its supply chain with the addition of more than 60 other farms to its ranks by the end of the year.

"It fills us with excitement to bring these new farms into the fold of our cooperative, where we will join forces to further our cause and our dream of revolutionizing the food system," said Shawna Nelson, Organic Valley's executive vice president of membership. "Aligned with our roots of nourishing organic food, sustainable family farming and thriving communities, these farms are passionate about contributing to a movement that champions the interest of both farmers and consumers."

Organic Valley said the newest farmers to join the cooperative call Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri and Iowa home. The company added that many of the dairy farming families are joining Organic Valley because they were dropped by businesses, while others are switching to more pasture-based organic farming and want to create “a solid future” for the next generation.

The company shared that more than 80 farmers joined the cooperative in 2023.

Iowa dairy farmer Toby Miller joined Organic Valley last year and said organic “is better for everything,” such as keeping chemicals off the land.

"Organic Valley does for me what others can't do; the most beneficial is providing a stable, solid market for my milk," Miller said.