OAKWOOD, GA. — Wayne-Sanderson Farms launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) chicken chatbot by the name Sandy on June 4.

Through AI, the company looks to connect with and empower home cooks in the kitchen. Programmed to answer consumers’ cravings questions, Sandy is equipped to offer delicious chicken recipes based on consumers’ unique needs such as gluten-free, Keto and low-fat.

“We are proud to introduce Sandy, the first-ever chicken chatbot tool, to answer just about any question as it relates to recipes and cooking tips,” said Hilary Burroughs, vice president of marketing at Wayne-Sanderson Farms. “We hope consumers find Sandy to be polite, witty and helpful, just like a good friend, to discuss all things chicken.”

When visiting the Sanderson Farms brand website, consumers will be prompted to start a chat with Sandy to answer their chicken queries. The tool can intuitively assist consumers who may not know where to start, by suggesting meal ideas for picky children, ways to utilize leftovers or international cuisines to try.