Sigma USA imports Italian meats branded under its flagship Fiorucci label and Spanish meats under the Campofrio banner. In 2022, the company added a plant-based brand, Better Balance.

In 2024, Sigma’s focus is on growing its highly successful 6-ounce Campofrio Tapas Variety Pack, said Shawn Munck, the company’s marketing director.

“There’s increased popularity around the idea of tapas / entertaining / small plates sharing, along with the growing appeal of consumers following a Mediterranean diet,” Munck said.

Sigma is focused on growing the product in select markets and regions where there’s an increasing population of Hispanic and Spanish heritage consumers.

For Sigma, that predominantly means Florida, Texas, Georgia, The Carolinas, California, and the New York / Tri-State area.

Within these same markets, Munck said, especially in independent retailers and specialty deli shops, Sigma is enjoying strong growth in sales of bulk whole piece, dry-cured jamón serrano, chorizo, and lomo (pork loin) products.

In addition, more restaurant chains are adding serrano to their menus as a compliment or alternative to prosciutto, especially with more Spanish-themed menus.

It’s definitely a trend that could migrate to retail.

“Certain grocery retailers with a specialty meats or wall/service deli section could capitalize on this trend within their more Hispanic markets or during celebratory time periods like Hispanic Heritage Month, Lent, around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day or during the more entertaining/gathering holidays in Q4, like Christmas and New Year’s,” Munck said. 

Bulk and pre-sliced prosciutto di parma is the heavy lifter for Sigma’s Fiorucci brand. The company also imports mortadella.

The Better Balance line, meanwhile, includes plant-based shreds and other products that mimic the flavors of chicken, beef and pork. Made in Mexico, they are primarily targeted for foodservice.

Bulk prosciutto di parma has long been a staple for Fiorucci. In pre-sliced, the 3-ounce has been the company’s main item, but recently, Fiorucci added a 12-ounce pack, largely targeted at Sam’s Club, BJ’s and other club stores.

This article is an excerpt from the May 2024 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Specialty Meats feature and more in the digital edition here.