La Brea Bakery recently launched its New York Rye bread in about 2,000 stores nationwide.

“The feedback from the stores and consumers has been great,” said Brie Buenning, La Brea Bakery’s marketing director. “Fans of traditional New York rye breads have been giving the bread a thumbs up.”

And on social media, she added, consumers have been coming up with “insanely creative” recipes using the new bread. 

Consumers in 2024 are hyper-focused on higher-quality, good-for-you artisan breads, Buenning said.

“I expect consumers to reach for breads made from grains and sourdoughs to meet health halos and elevate their sandwiches in 2024.”

For La Brea Bakery, that should translate to big sales of its Take & Bake breads, a lineup that includes Ancient Grain Baguette, Multigrain Loaf and Seeded Sourdough Rolls.

La Brea Bakery has a few surprises in the works for consumers this fall, Buenning said.

“There are going to be great additions to our artisan bread portfolio. Our holiday LTOs, the Cranberry Walnut loaf and the Take & Bake Savory Rolls, will both be coming back just in time for holiday celebrations, as well.”

Whether the sandwich trend of the moment is mortadella or chopped sandwiches, consumers are always looking for breads with clean ingredients, Buenning said.

“Our commitment to quality breads ensures La Brea Bakery breads are always trending.”

Across the food industry, high price fatigue has set in and consumers are looking for value, Buenning said. They still want high-quality foods, but at fair market prices.

“This has become an opportunity for grocery food and deli sections to respond by making incredible sandwiches with high quality breads, meats, and cheeses. Sandwiches are an easy choice for lunch or dinner, and many grocery delis offer them with flavorful soups and salads, instantly turning a sandwich into a meal.”

Consumers are preparing more meals at home, incorporating high-quality ingredients and foods reminiscent of their favorite restaurants, she added.

Artisan breads deliver the “dining out” experience to the dining room table. From incorporating bread into breakfast and brunch, using them as a foundation for sandwiches, and making appearances at dinner, high-quality breads will continue to be in demand throughout the year.

This article is an excerpt from the May 2024 issue of Supermarket Perimeter. You can read the entire Sandwiches feature and more in the digital edition here.