SAN DIEGO — Soda brand Slice is getting a revamped look and formula after being acquired by Suja Life. Slice is a fruit-flavored soda that began its tenure in 1980. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Suja Life, a maker of organic cold-pressed juices and parent company of Suja Organic and Vive Organic, said it is planning to reintroduce Slice in 2025 with classic flavors that feature low calories and natural ingredients.

Suja Life also is enhancing Slice to feature gut health-focused ingredients.

“We believe that choosing a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t mean giving up on flavor or enjoyment,” said Maria Stipp, chief executive officer of Suja Life. “With the acquisition of Slice, we are making it easier for consumers to choose a better-for-you beverage. We all want to feel good about what we drink while still enjoying great taste, and Slice does that while providing functional benefits and low sugar.”

Suja Life, which began in 2012, recently expanded its beverage portfolio with the launch of its plant-based protein beverage line