CHICAGO – Just ahead of the start of summer, Lactalis USA dairy brand Cracker Barrel Cheese introduced curated cheese and wine pairings, courtesy of sommelier and wine maker André Hueston Mack.

The brand said it partnered with Mack, Hampton Water Wine and Joel Gott Wines to celebrate the season and create combinations that aim to elevate dining, snacking and summer entertaining occasions.

"A great wine and cheese have the power to elevate any experience without compromising on time, money or effort,” said Amanda Vaal, Cracker Barrel Cheese’s brand director. “We are thrilled to team up with André Hueston Mack, Hampton Water Wine and Joel Gott Wines to offer consumers these summer wine and cheese offerings that are dynamic, approachable and impressive every time.”

Mack said he was introduced to Cracker Barrel Cheese long before he was able to enjoy a glass of wine.

“Now as a sommelier, it’s a delight to see how much versatility these cheese pairings provide across many different settings and occasions,” Mack said. “Cracker Barrel Cheese was a natural choice to create these summer pairings with their depth of rich and bold flavors, while also providing a lot of personal nostalgia.”

Per Mack’s tasting notes, Joel Gott Wines’ 815 Cabernet Sauvignon pairs with Cracker Barrel Cheese’s Extra Sharp Yellow Cheddar, as well as its Vermont Sharp White Cheddar & Gouda Cubes. He recommended accompanying Hampton Water Wine’s Rosé with Cracker Barrel Cheese’s Sharp White Cheddar Cracker Cuts.

Additionally, the cheese brand noted its products complement “the soft notes of strawberry and citrus” in Hampton Water Wine’s Rosé and “the red fruit flavors” in Joel Gott Wine’s 815 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cracker Barrel Cheese also recommended further adding to the pairings with sweet flavor profiles, such as hot honey, tart cherry preserves and dark chocolate, as well as savory options such as cured meats, mixed nuts, pickled vegetables and lightly salted crackers.

Earlier this spring, the brand launched its new artisan flavors, Truffle Cheddar and Dill Havarti.

CB_WINEPAIRING_INFOGRAPHIC_4.jpgSource: Konnect Agency, Lactalis USA/Cracker Barrel Cheese