CHICAGO—Kretschmar Premium Meats & Cheeses, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods Inc., announced on May 17 the launch of a new marketing campaign to market its line of deli meats and cheese products, as well as the launch of two new deli meat products. 

Capitalizing on consumers’ penchant for “swicy” (sweet and spicy) flavor profiles, the processor announced the launch of its “sweetness-meets-heatness” product innovations. Kretschmar introduced the Lemon & Cracked Pepper Turkey Breast as well as its Spiced Pineapple Ham as part of the “Made for More” promotion. 

The company said the Spiced Pineapple Ham features a chili pepper splashed profile that blends with the sweetness of its pineapple ham, while the Lemon & Cracked Pepper Turkey is highlighted by citrus and tangy notes and complimented with pepper for zest. Besides appealing to consumer demand for swicy flavor profiles, the new products also are free of gluten and MSG. 

“These two new bold flavors from Kretschmar really showcase the breadth of our premium deli line,” said Talbert. “We’re excited to add these to our portfolio to further grow ‘behind-the-glass’ offerings with unique and on-trend flavors.”

The new products support Kretschmar’s new integrated marketing campaign, which features the tagline: “Made for More,” and  “Stop Making Just Sandwiches” to highlight the versatility of the brand’s deli meat brand beyond sandwiches and instead as a recipe component. The company said that while other deli brands might only focus on sandwiches, “Kretschmar is made for more.” 

Lauren Talbert, senior director for Kretschmar at Smithfield Foods, said, “Most every deli brand on the market claims they make the perfect sandwich. This campaign highlights how we stand out amongst our deli competition. That means venturing away from the sliced bread and leaning into anything and everything else that can be done with our quality meats and cheeses. Besides, it’s time to think beyond the sandwich.” 

The campaign is supported by a series of commercials and promotions for recipes via social media platforms as well as point-of-sale information and images.