SÃO PAULO — Joesley and Wesley Batista were reelected to the JBS S.A. board of directors on April 26 at the company’s annual shareholders meeting.

The shareholders voted for the number of directors to increase from nine members to 11 until the next annual general meeting in 2025, reinstating the Batista brothers for at least one term.

JBS proposed adding the brothers back to the board in March 2024.

In 2017, the Batista brothers stepped down from their JBS positions due to accusations regarding “Operation Weak Flesh,” which exposed bribes paid to food safety inspectors in Brazil. The Batistas faced allegations that they and other JBS executives bribed nearly 2,000 politicians.

Joesley and Wesley Batista were charged with corruption in 2018.

After a six-month period in pretrial detention as well as a ban from acting in management positions at J&F-owned companies, the brothers returned to their roles at J&F in 2020.

This past February, the brothers joined the Pilgrim’s Pride board of directors.