Cow Candy has partnered with Hasbro to bring My Little Pony and Transformers to market. The partnership includes new flavors Pinkie Pie Strawberry and Prime Punch and is part of the company’s efforts to develop an environment in which children can learn that heathy decisions can be fun.

“I am a Wisconsin cheese-head who loves cheese and wanted to see my children, nieces and nephews and friends’ little ones enjoy the goodness of cheese in a fun and exciting way,” Cow Candy’s Danyel O’Connor says. “A playful cheese that would replace other, less-healthy snack options would become an everyday win for the average mom.”

Cow Candy has created five flavors of whimsical Wisconsin Monterey Jack cheese that are made with natural ingredients and colors from natural sources.

The new products can be seen at Booth #4413 at IDDBA.